An automatic car wash has been widely used now since they are time-saving and hassle-free. But, despite their convenience, automatic car washes are actually detrimental to your car than it causes good outcomes. Here are some of the cons of having your car washed automatically.

The technique of drying your car

In several instances, the heated air that’s intended to dry off water is not enough. If you drive off in a vehicle that isn’t totally dry will only produce lingering streaks and spots, which will need intensive cleaning and maintenance sooner or later if you will not clean it up using a spray cleaner.

Fail to remove all dirt

The lack of contact, particularly for automatic touchless vehicle washes hampers their ability to entirely clean your automobile. If you utilize automatic systems in cleaning your car, the trouble spots won’t be determined and dealt with right away. The buildup of dirt just indicates that your automobile would appear dismal as the time passes by.

Harsh cleaning agents

Nearly all businesses have a goal to maximize their income by reducing their operational expenses. The utilization of inexpensive cleaning agents, which has acid as the main ingredient, isn’t totally unheard of particularly in touchless carwashes. Although you get a sparkling clean vehicle after this type of carwash, the acid will slowly deteriorate the protective wax and the paint of your vehicle.

Meanwhile, an automatic carwash that’s not touchless operates rotating brushes to clean your vehicle. This is meant to rub against your vehicle to get rid of the accumulated dirt. Even if the contact isn’t that aggressive, try to observe your car in close distance. You will see that it has swirls and scratches that eventually causes your vehicle to be dull.

Recycled water

An automatic car wash is the most water-economical and eco-friendly way of cleaning your vehicle since it is intended to use recycled water. Even if they have installed many purification systems to eliminate contaminants, they aren’t 100% effective, which end up in dirt and grit scratching your vehicle’s exterior and surface while it’s being washed.

Factors to pay attention for the hand dry option

Though a lot of automatic vehicle washes utilize heated air to dry off the spare water, other carwash providers have staff who perform hand-wipe services as soon as the cleaning is finished. This method is fine given that the towels utilized are clean and soft. However, most car wash facility uses the complete opposite of that—dirty and abrasive towels. Consequently, this will only lead to your vehicle to get more scratches and marred paint.

Keep in mind that a properly kept vehicle that has a prim-looking finish can be equated to higher resale value. Even if automatic car wash services can make your vehicle appear nice in the short term, your car can still become unsightly over time especially if you keep on using this service. Hence, it would be best to contact the best mobile car detailing Darwin and have it cleaned by the automobile technicians and specialists.