Planning a Bathroom Renovation: What You Need to Know

Planning a Bathroom: What You Need to Know

In every home, after the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the house. The kind of value you get from the kitchen, you will get as much in your bathroom, and as we try to make the most of the precious downtime, the status has been raised, and only practical needs no longer drive it. Many people are renovating their bathrooms with a lot of pampering and relaxation in mind.

For whatever reason, installing a new bathroom is a daunting task and can be deceptively tricky.

It requires technical skill and an array of fittings. For this reason, you have to be careful when planning from the start to prevent costly mistakes and changes later on.

Don’t be too stressed by your new bathroom project. Get every aspect of your bathroom scheme right the first time with the brilliant bathroom ideas herein.


1. Evaluate all your bathroom needs

Figure out your priorities first. A spa-style sanctuary or a family bathroom will require a long list of various specifications and fittings such as double basins, heaps of storage, a bath and a separate shower. However, an en-suite or guest bathroom may not require much. Usually, guest bathrooms only need showers and loo.

2. Plan your bathroom layout and Consider storage space

Please be careful with your bathroom layout. Please don’t change it for the sake of it. If it serves you well, then you should keep it. It is a much cheaper option to modify the existing layout than creating a new design. Also moving waste and water pipes can be expensive.

However replacing fittings, flooring and tiles or walls is the best way to get a complete refresh. If you wish to alter your layout, think of ways to make small but significant changes. You can gain more space by fitting sliding or rehanging doors. A substantial space for extra towels is a smart buy

3. Seek out some inspiration

Things have changed a lot in bathroom designs, and you don’t have to worry about where to get good designs to pick, stick to your taste, but you can seek inspiration from hotels and small boutiques which are a great source of design inspiration. You can also look for websites to get the looks you love.

4. You need to be realistic about your bathroom space remember, ventilation is important

There is no point to create sinks for everyone in your house; this is not going to fit in most of the Australian bathrooms. Keep things simple, and don’t overlook the ventilation. Ventilation is so essential in any bathroom with furniture because condensation can damage the wood.


Planning bathroom renovations Townsville is not a very simple task, but you can manoeuvre your way by following the guide above. Remember to consider the cost of your plan and try to keep things simple. Try to Invest in one beautiful piece, such as a freestanding bath and show it against a more budget-conscious backdrop. You might need a bigger water tank if you wish to have a rainfall shower. A water softener can be a smart idea to prevent the build-up of any limescale.